Music Fund is a Belgian organisation that supports young musicians and music academies in developing countries and conflict areas. As of June 12th, we are offering you the opportunity to order one of our popular handmade Congolese guitars.

In 2009, Music Fund focuses on locally produced instruments, starting in Kinshasa. Almaz and Socklo are two experienced guitar makers who, in spite of the difficult circumstances, continue to craft beautiful guitars by hand. They create unique pieces with a unique sound and are renowned with local musicians in Kinshasa.

When we came into contact with their work, we were very impressed and decided that people in Europe could be very interested in these unique instruments.

Artists such as Garland Jeffreys, Axelle Red and Philippe Catherine have already said to be big fans of their particular sound. Others are thinking of expressing themselves in a similar way.

That is why Music Fund is now providing you with the possibility to buy one of these guitars.

Not only will you be getting you hands on a true collector’s item, but you would also be supporting both our guitar makers and musicians in Kinshasa.

How so? Thanks to the deposits they receive for the guitars, Almaz and Socklo would finally be able to expand their workshops, build up stocks, buy better tools, …

Of course there are many more in Kinshasa who would love to follow in their footsteps, but who have never been given the chance. With part of the proceeds, Music Fund would be able to offer these people training courses, to teach them how to repair and maintain musical instruments.

To order such a guitar, go to the Music Fund website