I just got the bad news that we do not get entry permits to go work in Gaza with our team of music instrument techniques of Music Fund (www.musicfund.be).

Our 'plan B' is to now go work for our partnerschools in Jenin and Nablus.

I cannot tell you how dissappointed I am myself, as well as my team !!!

But I am especially sorry for our friends in Gaza. We tried and did not succeed last November and again now. But we will try again in a few months, for sure. We do not want to let our friends in Gaza down, and will try again this Fall (if we can get the money, in the beginning of November). Maybe 3rd time good time. never say never. They can count on us for not giving up.

We are so impressed that they reopened the music school in Gaza again, only 2 months after it was destroyed on 28th December 2008.